Rush Handling Services

Fabric on Demand is happy to offer Rush Services for those times when a 10 business day turnaround isn't fast enough. All rush orders must be confirmed via phone and rush handling charges are required to be paid in advance.

Rush handling does not include the cost to rush ship the fabric via Federal Express. There will be an additional Federal Express charge.

Charges for approved 5 working day rush handling orders by fabric yardage is as follows:

$25.00 - 0 - 5 total yards
$50.00 - 0 - 20 total yards
25% - >20 yards

Surcharges on orders vary based on the turnaround time requested and the amount of fabric required. Please give us a call for quotes.

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Wholesale Custom Printed Fabric at Discounted Prices

Fabric on Demand is your go-to manufacturer for high-quality custom fabric printing, offering unbeatable prices for bulk orders. While we may not have a conventional pricing structure for wholesale printed fabric, we highly value our loyal customers and those placing bulk volume orders.

Our wholesale pricing structure includes standard discounts, but we offer even more substantial discounts for frequent buyers. These discounts are based on the volume of fabric ordered per order. For further details, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

The table shows our standard discount on fees, but there are additional discounts for frequent buyers. Discounts are calculated by fabric type volume per order. Give us a call for more information.

0-20 yards
Listed Price
20-50 yards
5% discount
50-75 yards
10% discount
75-100 yards
15% discount
100+ yards
Quoted per project