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Linen Cotton Blend

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  • Printed with Oeko-Tex certified fiber reactive dyes
  • Fashionable textured linen look with the comfort of cotton
  • Can handle frequent washing and extended use
  • Great breathability for a light and cool feel
  • Gentle on the skin, perfect for lightweight garments and bedding

Sustainable and made in the USA

Fast shipping

Low minimum order requirement

Durable fabric and colors that don't fade

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About This Fabric


55% Belgian Linen, 45% Cotton


240 GSM


0.73 mm

Print Width

54 inches

Product Description

Comfort with a Sought-After Linen Look

Our linen cotton blend fabric offers the highly sought-after textured linen look for all of your projects, with an added level of comfort and without breaking the bank. 

This blend combines the strength of linen with the durability of cotton, creating a custom fabric that can handle all of life's adventures. From frequent washing to extended use, this fabric is up for any challenge. 

Our linen cotton blend also has a unique softness and comfort in addition to its style and durability. The breathable material allows air to circulate freely so the fabric is light on your skin and keeps you cool all day long. 

This blend is the perfect combination of that classic gauzy linen style and cotton’s resistance to creasing. With our linen cotton blend fabric, you can embrace the low-maintenance charm and enjoy a material that keeps you looking sharp.

Our linen cotton blend fabric is also gentle on the skin. The soft-to-the-touch, cooling fabric is perfect for any project that may be exposed to your skin frequently. Comfortable and easily washed, a linen cotton blend is often chosen for shirts, pants, pillowcases, and more. With this fabric, you can design your fabric pattern.

This fabric elevates any project with its affordable fabric prices, comfort, breathability, and resilience.

Product Usage

Best used for...

Lightweight Garments

Dish Towels

Curtains and Drapery


Pillow or cushion covers


Product Care

To Care for Our Linen Cotton Blend Fabric:

  1. Machine or hand wash with similar colors in cold water.
  2. Air dry if possible, or tumble dry on low to prevent extensive shrinking.
  3. Iron with linen/cotton setting and highest heat, do not fold to avoid wrinkling.

Product FAQs

How does the linen cotton blend compare to pure linen or pure cotton?

The linen cotton blend fabric offers the best of both worlds. It combines the timeless texture and drape of linen with the durability and affordability of cotton. It provides exceptional comfort, style, and versatility for your projects.

How does a linen cotton blend handle different temperatures?

The linen cotton blend fabric's exceptional breathability allows air to circulate freely, keeping you cool and comfortable even in warmer climates. It provides that light and airy feel, making it an excellent choice for projects that require temperature regulation.

Can a linen cotton blend fabric be used for both casual and formal wear?

Our linen cotton blend fabric strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal. It adds a touch of sophistication to casual attire and maintains an elegant look for more formal occasions. Dress it up or down, the choice is yours!

Does linen cotton blend fabric tend to wrinkle?

While linen is known for its tendency to wrinkle, our blend maintains some of cotton's resistance to creasing. This means you can enjoy the classy, gauzy linen look without worrying as much about it creasing. To minimize creasing, iron on a high heat and avoid folding after washing.

What are the advantages of a linen cotton blend?

Our linen cotton blend fabric elevates any project with its affordability, comfort, breathability, and resilience. It combines the best features of linen and cotton, allowing you to unleash the perfect combination of style, comfort, and function in your creations.