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Fabric on Demand Gift Cards

Custom fabric printing makes the perfect gift. You can hand-craft apparel, blankets, home decor, and more for your loved one, all with a print you know matches their aesthetic or sense of humor. But perhaps you find yourself feeling a little less confident in your knowledge of their taste–or maybe your loved one is the DIY crafter in the family, and you’re certainly not.

For those looking to gift something special to friends or family interested in fabric and design, Fabric on Demand gift cards are the perfect personal and worry-free option.

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Why Choose a Fabric On Demand Gift Card?

Fabric on Demand is a name known for sustainable, vibrant, and long-lasting fabric. Those just beginning their research into the fabric world to find a gift for their loved one may be at a loss for where to start with all the types, sizes, and options. A Fabric on Demand gift card allows them to get started on the project of their dreams, all thanks to you.

No matter if the occasion is birthdays, holidays, or simply a thoughtful gesture, gift cards are the ideal choice for anyone who loves crafting, designing, or working with fabrics.


Available Gift Card Prices

Fabric on Demand gift cards are available at a series of fixed amounts. They cannot be customized, but fall into a wide range for you to choose from based on your preferences:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $100
  • $150
  • $200
  • $250
  • $500

Fabric prices can vary based on the material itself. If you’re unsure which amount is best, our fabric pricing guide provides a detailed breakdown of costs.

Order a Fabric on Demand Gift Card



Receiving and Using Your Gift Card

You can purchase a gift card online. You’ll receive an email to the address you entered at checkout with your virtual gift cards, which contains a specific code. You can forward this gift card to the recipient or print it out for flexible use.

When the time comes for your loved one to use their gift card, they can add their selected fabric products to their cart, and proceed to checkout. On the checkout screen, they can add the gift card code as they would any other promotion, and will see the amount reflected in the final price.


Terms and Conditions

Gift cards cannot be emailed directly to recipients at this time. We always strive to create a smooth experience for all our customers, and aim to change this in the future. 


FAQs About Fabric On Demand Gift Cards

Can I choose my own value?

At this time, gift cards are only available in fixed prices of $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, and $500. This wide range is offered to ensure your select the gift card that best suits you and your loved one.

Can I add my own design to the gift cards?

As Fabric on Demand only offers virtual gift cards, they will arrive in your email with an automated design. If you’d like to customize the delivery of the gift card, we recommend transferring the code into a handmade card. 



Fabric on Demand gift cards are the perfect gift for fabric enthusiasts and designers. Now that you’ve found a gift you know they’ll love, start the purchase process today.

In case of queries or issues with purchasing a gift card, contact our customer service team at 877-378-0776. We encourage all customers to reach out for any assistance needed during the purchase or use of gift cards.