Will my order really ship in 10 working days?

Once we have received your approval on the email proof, we will start the clock. Any changes or modifications requested by the customer after the initial approval is received will result in our restarting the 10 day clock. 

This promise applies to orders that qualify per the following:

  • Orders of 10 or fewer yards will ship within the 10 business day turnaround
  • Design files must be supplied ready to print, in the dimensions, color, and orientation required for print
  • Orders approved after 6pm on M-F PDT shall start the 10 business day clock on the following business day.
  • Federal holidays do not qualify as business days
  • Saturdays and Sundays do not count as business days (though oddly, we are often working on those days)
  • Orders will ship via USPS unless otherwise requested
  • Orders with design uploads through we transfer or other cloud hosted storage do not qualify.
  • Order requests placed via email or with design file sizes > 100MB do not qualify

Thanks for your confidence, and for your business.


Do you print on colored fabrics?

All of our base fabrics are white, and all colors are printed onto the fabric. If you require a colored fabric, add that color to the background of your image, and when the design is tiled to fill the fabric, the custom printed fabric will become the color in the background of the fabric design.


What kind of inks do you use?

Fabric on Demand is proud to use a variety of environmentally-friendly water-based inks for our printing services, including Fiber Reactive, Pigment, and Dye Sublimation inks.

At Fabric on Demand, we are committed to producing high-quality printed fabrics while minimizing our environmental impact. We have chosen to use water-based inks as part of our sustainable printing practices. These inks offer several advantages:

Eco-Friendly: Water-based inks are more environmentally responsible compared to solvent-based inks. They contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reducing air pollution and the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Vibrant Colors: Water-based inks are known for their ability to produce vibrant and long-lasting colors on fabrics, ensuring your printed designs look their best.

Safe for All Ages: Our water-based inks are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for all ages, including children and those with sensitive skin.

Versatility: We offer a range of water-based inks, including Fiber Reactive, Pigment, and Dye Sublimation inks, to accommodate various fabric types and printing techniques. This ensures that we can meet the specific needs of your project.

By choosing Fabric on Demand for your printing needs, you can be confident that we are using eco-friendly water-based inks that deliver exceptional results while contributing to a more sustainable and responsible approach to textile printing.


What is the process for printing on fabric?

Our printing process varies by fabric. Polyester fabrics require a design to be imaged on a special paper and then transferred into the fabric using a very hot press. It's kind of like an iron... but H-U-G-E and really hot. This is a process known as Dye Sublimation. Other fabrics are printed directly to treated fabrics using Reactive Dyes or Pigment Inks. All inks are permanently dyed into the fabric, and will not fade or run when washed.


Is the printing permanent?

Yes. The inks used for printing the fabric are designed not to bleed, run or smudge. They will wear with the fabric over time the same as any cotton or polyester fabric you would buy at a store. Heavier weight fabrics like the cotton ducks should not be placed in a mechanical dryer - please lay these fabrics flat to minimize marking.


Does the fabric require special handling in the wash?

Most of our fabrics require little special care and feeding. We suggest a mild detergent with a gentle cycle for the first time the fabric is washed. Treat them as you would treat your other fabrics, but know that ours will be more forgiving. They are lightfast, colorfast, and will not run, smudge, or fade. Both the 4 ounce cotton duck and 10 ounce cotton duck should not be washed in a traditional washing machine. These fabrics should be washed by hand and hung or laid flat to dry.


Do you print stretchy super hero costumes like Spiderman?

Why yes we do. Thanks for asking.

The Spiderman (or other superhero) costume fabric can be purchased by clicking here. The cost is $144.95 plus shipping. Pattern files are typically too large to upload directly through our website, so we invite you to upload it here. In the field marked “Friend’s Name”, please enter our email address fabricondemand@gmail.com. Fees for oversized files and sizing of the pattern file may apply to the order.


Does the fabric shrink?

During the production process, our fabrics undergo some pretty intense heat. The heat will shrink the fabrics anywhere from 2-5% depending on the type of fabric. When washed, the fabrics will shrink further. The shrinkage during washing will range from 3%-8%. Cottons will shrink more than polyesters and should be washed before any sewing is done. Pre-washing the fabrics will ensure the seams are not impacted when the finished goods are washed.


Do you ship internationally?

We do. And sometimes we fly internationally as well. Though it's tough with toddlers. They can get antsy. International orders require additional postage, and can be paid directly through our shopping cart. For international shipments requiring express service, please call us to coordinate and estimate handling charges.


How much does it cost to ship?

For orders shipped in the U.S., shipping is $5 for up to 2 yards of a single design. Each additional design in the same order will cost an additional $5 for domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Domestic packages take 2-3 days in transit. International shipping and express overnight shipping is also available.


Can you print more than 10 yards?

Yep. We can print up volumes of continuous yards of fabric at a time. Try us. Heavy ink coverages may require we print in fabric lengths of 10 or fewer yards to allow the presses to clean the ink heads during print.


Do you offer bulk pricing discounts?

Yes we do. As commercial printers, we specialize in long print runs. Our standard fabric price discounts are available here. Send us an e-mail, and we'll send you our bulk volume discount information. We also offer volume discount breaks for loyal customers who accrue large volumes over the course of a year.


Do your fabrics comply with the safety standards?

Yes they do. Neither the fabrics nor the inks contain any lead, and they are non-fattening (though we don't recommend you eat them). We can provide MSDS data (for a small charge) if you require that. If your project involves a limitation of liability on your part to the consumer, we urge you to have your fabrics tested and certified by an independent source.


Is your process “green”?

The process of fabric printing in our facility is as green as we're able to make it. There are chemicals involved. All chemicals used in our processes are disposed of in compliance with all government regulations, and all fabric scraps are freely shared with crafters to further their creative expression.


Can I supply my own fabric to be printed on?

We are not currently accepting customer-supplied fabrics for printing due to the current manufacturing loads. We may have a fabric in our inventory not listed on our website that would work for your project needs. Give us a call, and let's talk about it.


I have a design that’s a continuous color. Can you do that?

If you can design it, we can print it (within reason of course) The example of Monroe on our site is used to illustrate how designs can be arranged next to one another. Patterns that require a seamless continuous repeat are no problem, and we rather enjoy printing them.


Can you print photos on your fabric?

Photos are among our favorite print designs. We take great pleasure in creating a permanent fabric keepsake of your treasured images. Photo fabric can be transformed into pillows, quilt panels, wall hangings, apparel, and so much more.