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It's important to us that you are delighted with your custom fabric design. We're certain you'll love what we do, but to be sure you understand what you are getting - here's a quick design overview of how we'll lay out your image.

Meet Monroe. Monroe has graciously agreed to be our guinea pig for this overview of how your design can be set-up and printed onto the fabric of your choice.

To print Monroe on colored fabric, Add a background color to your design. When the image is tiled to fill the fabric, the fabric will become the color of the background. Ta-Da!

Below are the options for the layout on your design file.


Designs should be supplied in the size and colors you want printed.

Our design team will not alter or resize your design in any way, unless you specifically request a helping hand from us.

If your design does not fit evenly into the yardage you've requested, we will evenly space the image to ensure it fits onto your fabric.