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Stretch Chiffon

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  • Plain-woven for maximum breathability
  • Soft and flowy yet still durable
  • Made with recycled fabric
  • Extremely lightweight for apparel and drapery
  • Printed with Oeko-Tex certified fiber reactive dyes

Sustainable and made in the USA

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Long-lasting fabric and colors that don't fade

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About This Fabric


95% Recycled Polyester, 5% Spandex


78 GSM


.21 mm

Print Width

54 inches

Product Description

Sheer, Soft Chiffon

Sustainability starts with recycled fabric here at Fabric on Demand. Made from 95% recycled polyester, this stretch chiffon is perfect for all your sturdy fabric needs, while still retaining its characteristic elegant translucence.

Plain-woven and just slightly see-through, this fabric’s flowy drape is perfect for all sorts of apparel and home linens. This is also a fabric practically made from embroidery, whether you’re a needlepoint expert or want to take on a creative new DIY.

Because of its tight weave and light composition, this type of fabric holds color extremely well, without fading in the wash over time. Its polyester blend also means it’s breathable and stretchy for clothing that suits every day-to-day need.

If you’re looking for a custom printed fabric that meets your aesthetic needs while still being a practical choice, stretch chiffon may be perfect for you. Despite its light and flowy nature and affordable fabric pricing, this is a fabric that’s built to last.

Product Usage

Best Used For:


Table runners





Product Care

To Care for Our Stretch Chiffon Fabric:

  1. Machine wash gently with similar colors on cold to prevent bleeding or fading.
  2. Tumble dry at low temperature.
  3. Do not use bleach.

Product FAQs

What is the recommended needle size for sewing with Stretch Chiffon?

This is an extremely lightweight fabric. Use the smallest needles available, such as an 8, 9, or 10. When embroidering, a sharp needlepoint is best.

Can I iron Stretch Chiffon fabric?

Yes! Use the lowest setting possible on the iron, and do not use steam or moisture.

Does Stretch Chiffon shrink after washing?

Because of its polyester composition, this fabric is unlikely to shrink much. Slight pre-washing can help prevent any major shrinkage.

Can the Stretch Chiffon fabric be used for outdoor projects?

Yes, thanks to its lightweight nature. Patio curtains, chair sashes, and other little projects like that will do just fine in the outdoors.

Is the Stretch Chiffon suitable for upholstery projects?

Not necessarily. This fabric is very flowy and better suited to drapery or linens in the home, rather than upholstery.