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Microsuede - Polyester

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  • Lightweight fabric perfect for interior projects, bedding, and apparel
  • Printed with dye sublimation for long-lasting vibrant color
  • Soft feel of real suede without the worry of ruining the material
  • Sturdy yet still easily draped
  • Easy to wash, unlike real suede made from leather

Sustainable and made in the USA

Fast shipping

Low minimum order requirement

Durable fabric and colors that don't fade

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About This Fabric


100% Polyester


225 GSM


0.38 mm

Print Width

60 inches

Product Description

The Look and Feel of Real Suede Without the Worry - Microsuede Polyester

Microsuede Polyester is your dream fabric. Soft to the touch, lightweight, and easily draped, it can be used for all your interior needs as a comfortable and trustworthy fabric. Real suede made from leather is quick to ruin, but our Microsuede Polyester is water and stain resistant as well as machine washable.

Sturdy enough for even the most complex of crafting projects, Microsuede Polyester is a select choice for apparel in particular. Create your own unique jackets, belts, shoes, and clothing from this fabric that’s easy to clean and incredibly fashionable. Microsuede Polyester is perfect for designing your custom fabric pattern.

With a tight weaving that can be seen on the underside of the fabric and an outer layer that mimics the appearance and texture of real suede, you’d never guess that it’s made from polyester. However, Microsuede Polyester is often a better option than suede because of its durability and low cost of fabric.

Because it’s known as a sturdier selection, Microsuede Polyester is made for your reupholstery and decoration needs, giving your furniture, pillows, curtains, and more the luxurious appearance of a home covered in suede.

This combination of a lavish look and long-lasting material makes Microsuede Polyester truly unique for custom fabric printing.

Product Usage

Best Used For

Curtains and drapery






Product Care

To Care for Microsuede Polyester

  1. Machine wash with similar colors in cold water.
  2. Tumble dry on low to deter shrinking.
  3. Avoid washing with contrasting colors.

Product FAQs

What is the recommended needle size for sewing with Microsuede Polyester fabric?

For optimal results, we recommend using a lighter needle, such as a size 14 or 16, when sewing with our soft Microsuede Polyester fabric.

Can I iron the Microsuede Polyester fabric?

Yes, you can iron this fabric carefully. Turn the fabric inside out and utilize an iron covering, preferably a cotton material like a pillowcase, to protect the Microsuede Polyester. Only iron on the lowest heat setting possible.

Can the Microsuede Polyester fabric be used for outdoor projects?

It it not recommended for outdoor use, unless protected by an awning or covering. Microsuede Polyester is water-resistant, but outdoor conditions may cause greater wear-and-tear.

How does the Microsuede Polyester fabric handle painting or printing?

Our fabric serves as an excellent canvas for painting and printing projects. The textured surface provides a sturdy foundation for your artwork, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting designs.

Is the Microsuede Polyester fabric suitable for upholstery projects?

Yes, it is! Whether you're upholstering small accent pieces or larger furniture, our fabric's durability and resilience make it a great choice for upholstery projects that require both style and functionality.