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We take pride in offering fabrics that have the comforting feel of fleece. Fleece can suit every crafting or apparel need with its soft touch, while still retaining the durability of its polyester composition.

Whether you’re looking to sew your new favorite winter blanket or get started a new DIY craft, our customizable fleece fabrics will allow you to express your style. Our quality fleece fabrics and cutting-edge custom fabric printing technology make the possibilities endless for your next project.

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Our wide array of customizable fabrics are perfect for any project, and our 50-plus years of experience ensure your product remains high-quality and lasting over time. Our expertise in digital fabric printing means you can always rely on a satisfying product with your desired design layout. We’re crafters, too, so we understand your need for reliable, vibrant fabrics versatile for all of your upcoming DIYs

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About Our Fleece Offerings

Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric adds a homey feel to any project. Used for bedding, apparel, crafts and more, fleece is a soft, delicate option for any of your fabric needs. Fleece is an underrated option, retaining its vibrant colors just as well as cotton or any other fabric types.

Our polyester fleece blend is a premier fleece offering, giving it a wider range of uses and anti-pill finish so you can easily care for it. Though this fleece is lightweight, it has a long-lasting and durable nature to suit any crafting project.

We've embraced the newest fabric technology to give you the best of both worlds – your favorite fleece enhanced with the unique qualities of other fabrics at competitive fabric prices.

Fleece Fabric Qualities

Whether you're crafting garments, home decor, or engaging in DIY projects, fleece offers a welcome combination of versatility and durability. 

Printed with dye sublimation to retain its vibrant colors, you can rely on our fleece to meet your every need.

By producing our fleece with polyester, the unique qualities of the fabric are enhanced, specifically to make it less prone to pilling. Your creations can maintain their pristine appearance for longer, retaining what you love about fleece yet preserving your fabric design.

Fleece Fabric Uses

Fleece fabrics are best used for the following projects:

  • Clothing: Fleece is perfect for creating all types of clothing, including cold-weather gear and outerwear
  • Bedding and Decor: Sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers made from fleece offer a cozy touch to your bedroom. Fleece fabrics also can transform into beautiful indoor or outdoor curtains, cushion covers, and table linens
  • Blankets: Fleece is especially known for making snug blankets to throw over your living room couch
  • Craft and DIY Projects: Whether it's sewing plush toys, making fabric accessories, or crafting home decorations, fleece fabric offers endless possibilities

Advantages of Fleece

From comfort and durability to affordability and sustainability, fleece has it all. 

Fleece retains its shape and color well, but is also popular for its plush feel that will stay soft even through the wash. Our polyester base add quick-drying and stain resistance, making it the perfect option for your family home, no matter its use.

Printed fleece fabric holds up well over time, maintaining its vibrant colors and overall quality.

Fleece can offer a wide range of other advantages, such as increased strength, unbeatable softness, minimized creasing, and more. We offer just one fleece fabric, our quality polyester fleece blend, because Fabric on Demand is known for prioritizing durability, no matter how light and soft the fabric feels to you when you’re cuddled up in it.