Color Calibration Kits for Fabric and Textile Design

Custom color matching should never be a mystery

Our color blankets leave Angela Lansbury out in the cold!

Color calibration is an important part of fabric design. We totally get that. We've tried to simplify the process of getting the perfect color with color blankets - the combination of a yard of fabric containing color chips together with the production file we use to print the fabric.

Each fabric we sell has different fiber properties that will cause color to look different on different fabrics. Cottons are printed with reactive dyes and Polyesters are sublimated with dyes. This means the same design will look different on different fabrics. The color blanket is a useful tool to ensure the colors you're seeing on your monitor will appear on the fabric as you expect them to.

Before ordering multiple yards where color matching is critical, we encourage customers to order a $5 test swatch.

The color blanket is created in a CMYK profile. Design files can be received in any profile you feel comfortable working in. Why did we choose CMYK? Our experience with color matching and the variety of systems and levels of expertise led us to work with the most universally familiar profile for our customers.


Click the color blanket to
preview and download our print file.

The color blanket contains hundreds of color chips and a key for determining their process color (CMYK) values. Getting the color you expect is as simple as specifying the process color values based on the color you see on the color blanket. If you're working on a project that requires precise color matching... please consider starting your efforts with a color blanket. It's a whole lot cheaper than the Tylenol required when the design comes back "the wrong color"

Immediately after receiving your order for a color blanket, we will email a link for you to download the color blanket file. This will give you something to play with while your blanket is being printed and shipped.